Best Places to Invest in St. Louis

Best Places to Invest in St. Louis

Looking for the best places to invest in St. Louis?

Riding along the Missouri-Illinois border, and skirting the Mississippi River, lies the exciting city of St. Louis, Missouri.

Known as the Gateway to the West, this vibrant city is full of culture, food, and is the perfect mix of midwestern and southern charm.

Whether you’re exploring the city’s sites, such as the famous Gateway Bridge, or on the hunt for the perfect slice of St. Louis-style pizza, there’s no shortage of things to do in this bustling metro area. Given the number of attractions the city has to offer, it’s no surprise that St. Louis is one of the largest economies in the U.S.

Combine this with rising population rates and affordable housing prices, and you get an investor’s paradise.

However, it is an expansive city with many different areas to choose from, some that investors may not even be aware of. In this article, we’ll list the best places to invest in St. Louis and what type of properties, neighborhoods, and price ranges you can expect there.


Where is it located?

First up on our list is a suburb known as Glendale. About 17 minutes away from downtown St. Louis, this suburb is the ideal location for families looking for suburban life with an easy commute to all of the industrialization St. Louis has to offer.

With direct access to I-44, residents can easily pop by the city and surrounding communities, making this central suburb ideal for families and young professionals alike.

What types of properties are available?

Glendale is a highly desirable suburb not only because of it’s location but also due to the properties available there. Mostly comprised of A-class, single-family homes, the properties in Glendale are a mix of new builds and renovated properties that are mostly 3 and 4 bedrooms.

Properties in Glendale are priced above average for St. Louis, however given the demand of the neighborhood, the premium makes sense.

What other benefits are there?

Between the large properties and easy access to the city, there’s no shortage of residents looking for accommodation in Glendale. But that’s not all. Families are also drawn to the many schools in the area, most of which are quite highly rated.


Where is it located?

Just four miles south of the bustling city center and running along the Mississippi river is the St. Louis neighborhood known as Dutchtown.

In addition to a long stretch of riverfront, the area is also known for its proximity to Carondelet Park, giving residents plenty of outdoor spaces to enjoy.

What types of properties are available?

The majority of properties available are B-class, single-family homes that are priced about average for the city of St. Louis. Given that prices in St. Louis are about 45% lower than the national average, this makes Dutchtown an ideal place for new investors to buy into a growing city.

Many of the homes are smaller, typically 2 bedrooms, and a little bit older. However many of these historic homes are well-kept and ready to become your next great investment.

What other benefits are there?

While there are an abundance of perks for residents living so close to downtown, the greatest benefit for investors looking into Dutchtown is the attractive price point.

This combined with the fact that most residents in the area rent their homes make it an ideal place for new investors who are seeking to become landlords in St. Louis.

University City

Where is it located?

The suburb of University City sits about ten minutes west of downtown St. Louis, directly off of I-170.

Affectionately named because of the collection of universities that reside in the area, namely St. Louis University and Washington University St. Louis, the area is home to not only the students and faculty, but all of the nightlife and entertainment options that come along too.

 What types of properties are available?

The properties available in University City range quite widely, from small C-class homes and condos up to large A-class homes, so there truly is something for everyone in the area.

Since there’s a range of properties, there’s a range in prices as well. Homes here sell from below average for the city to well above average.

What other benefits are there?

The greatest benefit to investors looking into University City is the abundance of universities that supply an everflowing stream of tenants in search of housing. So, if you’re looking for your next rental unit, you can rest assured that University city is always going to be an in-demand area for rental housing.

Valley Park

Where is it located?

Just 25 minutes southwest of downtown St. Louis lies the suburb of Valley Park. Here, you’ll find (you guessed it) an abundance of parks, greenspaces, riverfront land, and golf courses.

Valley Park is the furthest from the city center to make our list. As a result, the area is a nature haven. It’s ideal for any residents looking to enjoy all the luxuries of the suburbs with close proximity to the great outdoors.

What types of properties are available?

Valley Park is known for its location on the outskirts of the metro area, and the home prices reflect that. Made up of B-class, single-family homes, the properties in Valley Park tend to be priced lower than what is average for the city.

Without the premium downtown prices, your dollar goes further here. That means investors can enjoy access to nicer homes at a lower price.

What other benefits are there?

Valley park also offers up stellar school systems. This draws many families to the area, ensuring it remains in-demand.

There is also a pretty even split between residents who rent versus own. So, no matter your goals, there are a variety of options for all investors.

Town and Country

Where is it located?

Directly west from the city center, about 19 minutes on I-64, is the affluent neighborhood known as Town and Country.

Located on the outskirts of the metro area, the stunning homes are not the only thing this suburb is known for. There is also an abundance of greenspaces, shops, dining, and entertainment, all making this one of the most desirable neighborhoods for residents looking in St. Louis.

What types of properties are available?

Given the affluence of the neighborhood, most of the properties available in Town and Country are A++-class houses. A number of the properties are priced well above average for the city, as they’re much larger and often come with high-end finishes and amenities.

While some homes are new builds, there are plenty of gorgeously renovated homes for investors to choose from as well. There are also a few in need of a little TLC, if you’re seeking out a new project.

Regardless, all of the homes are expansive and many are on large lots, giving residents the priceless benefit of space-on-space-on-space.

What other benefits are there?

As is typical for neighborhoods like this, the schools in Town and Country are some of the best in the area, so families from the city are constantly seeking out this suburb.

For investors, the luxurious properties are great for those who are able to buy in at a higher price point and are looking for great returns in an extremely popular neighborhood.

Final Thoughts: Best Places to Invest in St. Louis

Among the best places to invest in St. Louis, investors can expect to find mid-level, B-class properties, all the way up to those in the A++-class.

Each area, at its own distance from downtown, also has its very own subculture. Investors can expect to find affluent neighborhoods, culturally rich and historical scenes, and suburban nature havens.

Long story short: They each have their own unique pros and cons. To get the best feel for where you’d like to invest, it always helps to talk to an expert who has boots-on-the-ground knowledge and knows each neighborhood like the back of their hand.

Our St. Louis team is always happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

If you’d like to learn more about the St. Louis market as a whole, including population insight, renal market trends, and more, download our St. Louis Market Deep Dive.

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